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Each Playlist includes a coherent set of lessons with guidance for teachers and commentary from educators.

What Happens to Our Garbage?

How Were the Scablands Formed?

How Do Fireflies See the Light?

How Do Ants Help the Plants and Animals of the Woods?

Computational Thinking and Modeling

Tracking COVID-19 in the United States

New York State Education Department

NYU researchers develop resources to provide all students, especially English language learners, with equitable access to P-12 Science Learning Standards

Teacher Resources

Integrating Science and Language for All Students with a Focus on English Language Learners

The series of the introduction and seven webinars and topic briefs were created for the New York State Education Department by New York University researchers Drs. Okhee Lee, Lorena Llosa, Alison Haas, and Scott Grapin. Based on the most advanced research on integrating science and language with a focus on multilingual learners, these resources were developed to provide equitable opportunities for multilingual learners to learn the new science standards.